Race Recap: North Fork 50K

I recently ran the North Fork 50K in Pine, Colorado which included 33 miles across beautiful trail coupled with ~3,800 feet of elevation gain. This was my first trail race and am still amazed at how organized it was. Now that may sound weird to start the article with how

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Journal Entry 020522

The program had my first 20 miler of the year. My legs were a little sore from this weeks training but nothing concerning. I went to the yoga room on floor 8 to warm up like I normally do. After warming up, I got my bag put together and realize

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Race Recap: Hyrox Chicago 2022

As I reflect on Hyrox so many thoughts go through my head. I think about what went well, areas to improve on, and lessons learned. At a high level, I’m happy with my performance given it was my first time and it was completely out of wheelhouse from a competition

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Why Obstacle Course Racing?

This past weekend, Facebook memories reminded me of my first Spartan race. The experience was unlike anything I’ve experienced before and little did I know how much of an impact this moment would make on my life. I remember being completely broken down physically and not being able to workout

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Spartan Midwest Beast: Do Better

As I reflect on the Spartan Midwest beast, I can honestly say I look back with mixed emotions. On one hand, I took 6th in my age group and know I gave it everything I had. On the other hand, I cramped on the last mile that prevented me from

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What is Anaerobic Performance? How Do I Start?

In lieu of my last article around aerobic performance, I felt it was only necessary to discuss the more intense side of training which is also known as anaerobic performance. Before jumping into the content, let’s take a loot at the definition… What is anaerobic?“pertaining to or caused by the

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What is Aerobic Performance?

What is Aerobic Performance? How Do I Start?

If you’ve been following me within the last year, you’ve probably seen me post on my Instagram or Facebook story a screenshot of my runs from the Garmin app. Most of those screenshots include the caption “Base” or “Aerobic Base” to indicate the type of workout. The reasoning behind the

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2 Years Sober (Thumbnail)

2 Years Sober: Accepting the Past

Today, I am 2 years sober. During this past year of sobriety, I’ve taken so much time to reflect and accept my past. To say that I haven’t carried guilt would be a lie. I’ve carried a ton of guilt around things I’ve done, things I’ve said, and the way

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